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LOCUS-T’s training session with Baidu

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A comprehensive short training session was provided by Baidu for sales and marketing personnel of LOCUS-T, the only marketing partner of the search engine giant in Malaysia, on February 28, here in Malaysia to further strengthen understanding regarding the partnership and to reiterate the strengths of Baidu Search Marketing in greater detail, as well as allowing Baidu to learn more about LOCUS-T.

Ken Tao, Baidu’s Sales Director of South East Asia was the appointed representative and trainer for this visit. Unlike LOCUS-T’s visit to Baidu’s headquarters in China earlier, the training session was done in a classroom setting. While Baidu focused on introducing elaborating on technological resources at the disposal, the focus on this training session leaned more on the operation aspect – the hands-on part of the system which enabled Baidu to top the search market in China with a market penetration of 81%.

The training began with numbers – various statistics depicting Baidu’s growth within the last decade, past and current share in the search market, revenue of both the search engine giant and the affiliate businesses and brands, how Baidu Advertising does in comparison with other forms of advertising, and so on. The session then moved on to future goals and business model of, and by extension, advantages and benefits of working with, Baidu, among them being to become a house in over half the world’s countries, as expected of one of the leading companies in the world with an annual revenue of 5.3 billion USD in 2013.

Specifics of Baidu’s operations made the final, and most crucial, part of the session, with illustrations of various modes on how advertisements are displayed, how quality scores and prices are measured, the introduction of the “Feng Chao” system analyzing internet user preferences and how it is applied on advertising, the system of fees, the specifics and workings of Baidu products like Brand Zone, the workflow of managing deals with affiliate websites and so on.

Like LOCUS-T’s visit to China, the training session was accomplished in an amicable atmosphere and LOCUS-T’s personnel enjoyed the session as much as the representative from the company’s marketing partner enjoyed giving it. The session ended with a brief tour in LOCUS-T’s office located in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, introducing Mr. Tao to the rest of the staffs and giving a brief introduction to the company’s daily workings.

From this training session, LOCUS-T not only gained significantly greater understanding of the intricate day-to-day workings of Baidu which made it what it is today, the lessons learned here will also prove to be useful in upgrading LOCUS-T’s own operations, in providing better pay per click (PPC) services to local businesses and brands, befitting the status as Baidu’s only marketing partner in the country.

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