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LOCUS-T visits Baidu’s headquarters in Beijing

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The first of LOCUS-T’s achievements in year 2014 would be becoming the only company in Malaysia with Marketing Partnership with Baidu – the most used search engine in China. It is both an auspicious sign promising the company’s growth in the coming year and a further proof of the company’s professionalism and capabilities. It would also be a good sign for local businesses and brands, as this partnership would serve as a beacon and a gateway for any interested in venturing into the largest market in the world – China.

To learn more about this renowned giant of a foreign marketing partner and more importantly, to seal the deal, LOCUS-T’s heads of department went on a three-day trip to visit Baidu’s headquarters located in Haidian District, Beijing, China from February 10 – 13.

Befitting the status of one of the most recognized company in the country, LOCUS-T’s staff was greeted with first and foremost, the impressive view of the headquarters building designed by the same team which did the Beijing National Stadium specifically for holding the Olympic Games in 2008, or more commonly known as the “Birds’ Nest” to Chinese language speakers worldwide. The headquarters is not all for show, as it serves as the workplace for more than 8,000 Baidu employees.

LOCUS-T’s heads of department were greeted by Frank Hou, Head of Baidu Region Management, Charles Song, Senior BD Manager of Baidu Region Management, and

Ken Tao, Sales Director of South East Asia. A tour was subsequently given in and around the complex illustrating the myriad of technologies at Baidu’s disposal, as well as the facilities available, which included showrooms designed to demonstrate some of the aforementioned technologies to visitors and more uniquely, rest areas with beds for employees in need of power naps. What LOCUS-T learned about Baidu during the tour was no less impressive than the building itself. With such resources at their disposal, it is not surprising that Baidu has not only managed to win Chinese-speaking internet users worldwide by hundreds of millions, but also businesses from a variety of industries with online presence, culminating into a Content Network consisting of 600,000 high quality websites in China. The visit ended with the signing ceremony, officially sealing the partnership between both parties.

In conclusion, this visit had proved invaluable for both parties in strengthen working relations and ensure smooth international cooperation, thus ensuring consistent high quality online marketing services to businesses in Malaysia.With new understanding and knowledge acquired during the visit, LOCUS-T will continue to deliver results instead of mere promises, with the myriad of services available and now in a stage larger than before.


LOCUS-T is an ISO 9001:2008 QMS-certified online marketing company established in year 1999, with a variety of services meant to enhance presence of businesses and brands in search engines, which in turn direct traffic and enhance sales. Throughout the past 14 years, the company has served over 1,000 satisfied clients.


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