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Baidu held biz talk to help local businesses reach the vast market of China

As part of the ongoing efforts of helping local businesses in Malaysia to reach the vast market in China via the internet, as well as expand its internet user base in Malaysia, Baidu has held a FMM Biz Talk titled “The Gateway to China: Baidu Search Engine Marketing (SEM)” on last Friday, May 9, 2014, from from 9am to 12pm at Wisma FMM, Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.


Ken Tao, Sales Director of Baidu SEA

Ken Tao, Sales Director of South East Asia from Baidu Inc, served as the speaker of the day. Among the attendees of the talk were the CEOs and CIOs, export, marketing, sales managers and executives, IT managers and executives of various local businesses in Malaysia, as well as other persons interested in creating a presence in China, via the services offered by the number one search engine in China.

The event was divided into mainly three sessions, first of which were the comprehensive introduction of Baidu Search Marketing and its related services. The next session focused on how to utilize Baidu’s services to effectively create an online presence and tap into the vast market of China. Finally, the event was ended in an amiable atmosphere of a networking session between attendees of the day and Baidu. As the first official strategic partner of Baidu in Malaysia, LOCUS-T supported the event by assisting in the various vital setups in organizing the talk.

Topics discussed within the sessions included detailed elaborations of Baidu Search Marketing, and specifics in penetrating the Chinese market by utilizing Baidu’s 95% coverage of the internet users, and network of 600,000 affiliate websites in China. The latest information pertaining to vital statistics like internet usage and landscape in China was also covered during the talk, in order to give the attendees a better picture of what things are like in today’s market of China.

These insights would serve local businesses by facilitating easier targeting of potential clients and customers, as well as better decisions regarding the incorporation of services offered by Baidu in their respective marketing strategies. The networking session did not only allow for contacts to be expanded and new business opportunities created among local businesses, but also allow attendees to get to know Baidu better and gain further insights by mingling with Mr. Tao personally.

As Baidu’s only strategic partner here in Malaysia, LOCUS-T is confident that this talk would serve as the first step for local businesses to reach greater heights, via expanding into one of the largest markets in the world. LOCUS-T will continue to deliver concrete results with high quality services and does its best to serve as Baidu’s liaison with local businesses, to contribute in propelling Malaysian businesses into the international stage.

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