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Advantages of Content Network

Locating target audiences with precision: Four orientations to know you target audience

  1. Orientation by interests
    Differentiate potential needs and find other interests based on internet users’ search history, browsing behavior’s period and frequency, and long term interests, so as to exert influence comprehensively and stimulate potential buying needs.
  2. Orientation by keywords
    Displays targeted advertisements to internet users when an internet user visit an affiliate website, based on used specific keywords in Baidu searches, and crowd or historical browsing behavior of the website being visited currently.
  3. Orientation by visitation
    Displays targeted advertisements to internet users when an internet user visit an affiliate website, based on searched links business website clicked and visited, as well as target audience of specific pages in a particular business website.
  4. Orientation by location
    Lock onto zones of target audience’s activity precisely based on characteristics of their locations.
  5. Supplementary website selection functions
    Support personalization of website based on industrial or product characteristics. Strategic placement or set for removal based on quality of statistical performances of websites, by sifting through experience and statistical data of websites.
Large numbers of high quality media platform: 60,000 high quality websites enabling full coverage of target audience

Baidu’s strong brand appeal and mature marketing methods has, through years of meticulous operations, enabled the Content Network to become the most capable affiliate network in China. The network consists of more than 60,000 affiliate websites from 25 different industries of high quality, boasting more than 8 billion displays every day and reaching out to more than 95% of internet users in China. For more information, please visit:

Excellent advertising creativity: Rich media display advertising to attract eyeballs

Content Network Advertising is displayed creatively through the mixed use of images, animations and texts on websites being visited by your target audience. Creative styles in text and more 19 sizes of images and animations used in compatible search advertising deliver advertisements of businesses vividly.

Effective cost control: Pay according advertising effect and get free displays

Unlike conventional media where advertising costs are calculated through factors like size of space and frequency, Baidu Content Network provides the most economical payment method – cost-per-click (CPC). You only pay when your advertisements are clicked by interested users and it costs nothing when the advertisements are not clicked; as such you get to display your advertisements in the network for free. This enables businesses to advertise, thus enhancing brand awareness and consultations, as well as boosts sales, at a very low cost.

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