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Baidu Content Network Introduction

What is Content Network

Baidu Content Network Advertising helps businesses to reach target audiences through analyzing the natural attributes of internet users (location, gender), their long term interests and short term specific behaviours (search and visit behaviour), and the use of Baidu’s characteristic technologies, on an advertising platform with more than 600,000 high-quality affiliate websites. According to CNNIC’s latest statistics, internet users now spend more and more time on various content websites, and the use of various applications for online music, news, videos, games, blogs, and forums and so on is growing by the day.

What is the relationship between Baidu Content Network and Baidu Search Marketing?

Baidu Content Network is the extension and supplement of Baidu Search Engine Marketing, breaking through the limitation on the implementable effects on internet users during searches, enabling influences to be exerted on them after they search and while they visit websites.

Content Network Advertising and Search Marketing are of the same vein. When an internet user uses Baidu, Search Marketing displays business advertisements on the results page, and when the said internet user clicks into an visit a website, the Content Network displays advertisements on the webpage the user is visiting, thus covering more online time and creating deeper impressions that last longer, which in turn assisting businesses to enhance sales and brand awareness effectively.

The combination of both of Content Network and Search Marketing impacts potential target audience all the way in an all-dimensional manner, allowing businesses to yield better marketing effects.

Why choose Baidu Content Network Advertising

Baidu Content Network Advertising currently reaches out to more than 95% of internet users in China, with 8 billion impressions every day. Through the use of Baidu’s enormous internet user behavior database and precise target audience directional technologies, as well as rich and diverse creative forms together with Search Marketing, more target clients can be yielded in a greater range, longer time, and most lasting impact can be made by businesses at lower costs, resulting in enhancement in awareness and number of visitors, as well as helping to close deals and redeem lost clientele.

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