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Advantages of Brand Zone

Golden location on the first page for best first impressions

Brand Zone takes up to two-thirds of the first of search result pages, effectively capturing attentions of internet users and allowing advertisements to stand out. Search results with only texts might scatter a user’s focus, costing businesses the chance to build brand image and losing potential clients. Brand Zone combines the use of both text and image to target users effectively.

Build your brand image and enhance confidence

Brand Zone is styled after the most natural look of search results. With Baidu’s most stringent verifications and endorsements, rest assured that confidence towards your brand will be enhanced and official image of your brand will be built.

Shortening the route of information transfer and facilitate ease of sales

Brand Zone delivers information found by internet users to them through the shortest route, thus minimizing attenuation caused by increase in the number of routes. Brand Zone also conveys content through a variety of forms, delivering information in a rich and concentrated manner.

Integration of marketing closures using Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to enhance advertising effect

For more information, please Baidu it out. Blossoms offline, reap the benefits online. Maximize offline marketing effect through essential online closures, boost offline campaigns and let online sales run wild.

Main business communication channel allowing official messages to hit home

Let your business’ official messages hit home, presenting the side you want to present most right in front of consumers and through the integration of multiple communication methods, maximizing the effectiveness of message delivery.

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