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Boasting notable displays of advertisements by linking needs with precision

When advertisements of businesses happen to be highly consistent with the needs of an internet user, they would be displayed in one of the three following forms in the Baidu search result pages:

“Baidu Advertising link” on the left

“Baidu Advertising link” on the right

“Baidu Advertising link” on the shading on the left

Where would advertisements appear

The location of appearance of advertisements is determined jointly by pricing and quality. Advertising results of high quality and highly consistent with the searched needs of an internet user would be given priority display on the left of the first page. Any other results would be displayed on the right of the first and other pages. Baidu Advertising’s team of professional customer service experts would work with you closely to provide professional services all the way, enhancing the quality of your efforts and allows you to yield optimum advertising results.

(The pictures above are depictions of forms mentioned. For actual search results, please refer to the current search result pages)

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