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Baidu Search Marketing Introduction

When you are looking for clients, they too are looking in Baidu for you

Baidu is the largest search engine in China with more than 80% share in the search market of China. More than 500 million internet users in China go “Baidu it” when they need to look for something.

New model of Baidu Advertising – “Marketing by Needs”

A pay-per-click (CPC) online marketing service that utilizes Baidu’s 87% share of the search engine market in China and a network of 600,000 affiliate websites, to create a platform linking the needs of hundreds of millions of internet users and businesses.

Anyone with needs is able to find suitable products and services with ease, and businesses are able to yield large numbers of potential clients using small amounts of investments, and enhance brand awareness along the way.

Conventional Marketing

Comprehensive coverage yielding 20% results, while 80% of marketing investments wasted on “non potential clients”. A carpet-bombing manner of advertising yields meager numbers of true users with needs.

Marketing by Needs

Truly accurate marketing yielding 100% results, with every dime spent on acquiring clients with needs. Allows for clients with needs to find your advertisements, seek you up and close deals with ease.

How do potential clients look you up through search engines?

Internet User Searches

Click On Advertisements

Visit business website

Clients reach out to businesses through various means

Enhances volume of business and brand awareness

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